That Chicken Wonton Soup !!

I absolutely love Chicken Wonton Soup. It tastes bland and those who love spicy food might just use it for the purpose of gargling. But I go google-eyed with just a single sip. Slight hint of spinach and the wontons floating in chicken broth!! oh so yummy!!

But there’s another reason why my love for CWS can never die, even though many chefs have managed to murder the recipe. 

7 years ago, during the initial days of dating my husband (then boyfriend), we used to visit Wangs Kitchen, in Chennai, almost every weekend. Even the manager of the restaurant was familiar with our faces. I would always order CWS while he, being a true Marathi, would opt for something spicy. He could never fantom why anyone would opt for “salt water” when there was a whole selection of delicacies available in the menu.

Few months later I had to move to Kolkata for 6 months, while he stayed in Chennai. Tough times for new couples!!

Once I was back, during our first visit to Wangs Kitchen, I thought of ordering the spicy Tom Yum Soup, but he stopped me and ordered two Chicken Wonton Soups instead.

“What happened when I wasn’t there”, I asked, totally surprised.
“Well, the wonton soup is quite tasty”
“Since when!!”
“Well I missed you, so I used to come here and have Chicken Wonton soup”.

And just like that, CWS became my favourite dish ever.

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