Of Daakuni Sister & little gyan

Now that my nose has swollen to the size of a potato, I decided to take off from office today and rest at home. Surrounded by my gadgets, pillows, double blanket … and a spicy hot noodle soup!! Ahh Bliss !!

I have a pesky little sister and a peskier brother. We three managed to live under the same roof for 20 years, without causing any major injuries. Well stitches don’t count, do they? Being the eldest it was my duty to be bossy and walk around with an air of superiority, throwing random commands once in a while – “Paani laao” , “Pair dabao”, “Ye Maggi much dede Samba!!”

Ever read all those meme and funny Big Sister Quotes, yup that’s me. Right here. They lovingly called me “Daakuni”, female version of Daaku (Bandit). 

It’s been over two years since I met them. Sometimes, on video calls I suddenly realise how much they have grown. And that I have missed being a part of it.


Last week was pretty lazy, I could manage only 120 minutes of yoga. Sydney winter has got the better of me, cold and congestion for the past two weeks. But I learnt something – don’t overcompensate by trying Deepika Padukone’s awesome dance moves after leg workout. You can count exactly how many muscles are there in your bum area the next morning.
After reading comments on Anushka’s tweet and an article on MenXp, my heart sinks further to see the demeaning behaviour of people on internet. We just got one little life, totally insignificant when compared with the age of universe. Yet somehow during that insignificant time we have managed to say the vilest of things, to become the crudest of life forms. It hurts to think that even after being capable of love and spreading happiness, we decide to propagate hatred in all ways possible.
It doesn’t kill to be a nice person you know!!

10 thoughts on “Of Daakuni Sister & little gyan

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  2. Hahahaha… I so identify with you when it comes to younger siblings, I have a younger brother and a sister too who call me all sorts of things 😀

    ONETWENTYHOURSOFYOGA :O Here I am trying valiantly to get through 20 minutes of cardio :O

    Yes, internet trolls are extremely mean for no good reason 🙁

  3. Lovely post and I thought of my younger brother while reading this. I don't have a sister and with my brother, we had so much fun times.

    Onset of winter can make us lazy and unwell. It's okay once in a while to put our feet up, snuggle and call it a day off 🙂 Take care!

  4. You and a daakuni? somehow I doubt that 😉

    But you are so very right. Family matters, in every single way, especially when you are close to them. I love the fact that you do Yoga so regularly and er, only 120 hours? I do hope you are not giving me an inferiority complex. As for the people who say mean things online, I have given up. Nothing is going to change them. Let's just live by our good standards. This was a wonderful post.

  5. Daakuni.. Bingo girl! I'm the eldest.. have a younger brother, and a younger sister. Every time I'm home, I'm the sassy and the bossy one..! Paani lao, phone charging pe lagao..!! Typical meme kinds..!
    And the last paragraph, the way you ended it and the message of being nice.. it's nice and easy to do, yet we have people spreading hatred to the core!

    Loved your write Rajlakshmi 🙂


  6. Daakuni lol. But you pretty much deserved it if you made them 'pair dabao'!! Seriously my sister, younger one, would have done me serious injury if I had even thought such thought.

  7. Oh! High five there! Me too being the eldest in home, I know how it feels to be called Bossy! 😛 But we love the feeling nevertheless! 😉

  8. Yes, the atrocity on twitter is quite horrible. No niceness left I guess. Hope the cold is easing up. I do love your dedication to exercise.

  9. Being the eldest child you do have special rights to annoy and pester your siblings! Made me remember the good old days. 😀
    Oh, under the cloak of anonymity people behave so badly on social media. It's pathetic!

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