The Blue Dress

Let’s just say that I tend to go a little overboard with my passion and hobbies. My dear hubby, on the other hand, firmly believes I am a total cuckoo. Somewhere, down the line, he has just given up and resigned to his fate. Janam Janam ka safar hai aakhir 😉

When it comes to shopping, I am that starry eyed girl with candy floss, stupidly grinning, yes literally I would be smiling at the screen, imagining the feel of the material, the smell of cotton, the fall of hem, and how the color would make my pale skin look more human.

I am a die hard fan of Asian Stores, I find them extremely stylish and classy. But.. and it’s a big but… the wait is killing. The wait for the goods to arrive!! 15-20 days!! Oh the horror!. 

If the shipment doesn’t arrive in 20 days I would start hyperventilating, and nightmares about lost/damaged packages would haunt my nights. The anticipation almost drives me up the wall. So, now you know why I am always trying to crawl up the doorframe doing handstands 😛 

No wonder my pet name have always been animalistic. You see, we don’t believe in lovey dovey names, my mom lovingly calls me Jantu (Animal), her sister calls me Bhekuli (Frog), Dad – Makadi (Spider) and hubby- Murgi (Hen). Wow, makes me feel like we all need treatment 😛
Imagine the surprise when all four of the packages that I had ordered, arrived on the same day… that too on my birthday. Ahh the universe, you make me so emotional!! I could actually see my hubby sigh in relief, as now he didn’t have to sweat to make the day special.

The dress I am wearing is a light blue chiffon/cotton mix bought online from AliExpress – Link here . 

I paired it with Cropped Blazer from a Korean store – YoungMi, Bag (on sale) from Kardashian Kollection.

The Blue Dress – couldn’t figure out where to place the name so I put it across my forehead.

And this is how we roll in shire.

22 thoughts on “The Blue Dress

  1. Never mind. You are not alone. I am a shopping freak too and always freak out if the products dont arrive on time! Btw… Your dress looks cool and it suits you like a dream..

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  2. You look super cool in this dress Princess!! 🙂 The blue is amazing 🙂
    And about your nick namesss !!! ROFL!! never knew all of this before 😀 :D:D 😀

  3. I am imagining you "imagining the feel of the material, the smell of cotton, the fall of hem"! 😀
    I love your dressing sense, by the way! And I love this dress. All orders arrived on your birthday? That must have felt awesome!

  4. I know the feeling. I got my shipment after 35 days when I lost all hopes of getting it.

    Dress is really pretty. Try Chicwish, if it is available there.

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