Behind the Scenes, Eeeks!!

My husband is definitely color blind, or so I believe. And his interest lies in portrait photography. Believe me, this is a dangerous combination. Most weekends I would be standing in a desolate cobwebbed doorway or perched on a moss laden rock, in blinding attire, wearing blood red lipstick, and fervently praying for the earth to open up so that I could jump inside it, while he would be cooly flexing his muscles, adjusting the lenses and reflectors and other weaponry, trying to shoot his beloved wife. πŸ˜›

I sometimes suspect if this is his tactic to revenge all the culinary experiments I did on him. Nevertheless, the number of likes on my Facebook makes up for all the weird stares I usually receive during photoshoots. Well, he kind-a sort-a makes me look good. πŸ˜‰ Although I have to deal with “your picture looks good only with makeup” kind of statements. Only a husband can survive such blatant display of truth πŸ˜‰

So today, let me tell you what exactly happens behind the scenes.

This is one of my favourite pictures. My friend even commented something as poetic as “In the beauty of sadness”. Yeah, those forlorn eyes, the mood, the lights – I totally loved it.

But, in reality I was staring into a window , that too at night, and praying hard that the owner won’t catch me peeping into his room and chase me with the vacuum cleaner. 

I find this one so fairy-tale’ish. A sad fairy tale maybe. The contrasting Khandar type background and my patent expressionless expression!

It’s a window frame of an old warehouse where once convicts were made to work. The window was at a height higher than the top of my head. Wearing heels and my beautiful dress, I was playing “rock-climbing” on this century old structure while two other photographer friends pushed me from behind. 
And you thought that photoshoots were fun! Gah!

I have always wanted a picture like this!!

If you think hair can’t hurt, well then you have never been hit, in the eye, with a bunch of full blown hay-like hair. I was half blind and twisting my head left and right!

Although I hate to admit in front of him, I cannot deny the perks of having my own personal photographer πŸ˜‰

** Photography credits to my Husband – Do check out his page Vivid Lights Studio 

20 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes, Eeeks!!

  1. Hahahaha! You should make this a regular feature on your blog! I love your pictures on Facebook. And I loved these behind-the-scenes tidbits even more! πŸ˜€

  2. Your husband is really a good photographer, Rajlakshmi, but then you are really good subject to photograph. About the banter, what would be married life without this banter. πŸ˜‰ Sometimes, I like the teasing that husbands do instead of being all praise and all.

  3. Wow I always wondered what goes on behind all those photo shoots. This is the answer. Love the pictures, and of course credit to the muse but a bigger piece of the pie to the photographer πŸ™‚

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