Gulp, Cough, Sink – First Swimming Class

Yours truly is hell bent on changing her lifestyle -be it food, clothing or health. I guess when you are about to hit 30s, an epiphany is bound to happen.
So last month I had enrolled myself to Adult Beginners Swimming Lessons. About time huh!! As the fate maybe, on the day of my first session, a storm was ravaging Sydney coasts and residents were asked to return home early. 

Luckily, as a part of swimming-prep, the previous night, I had already practiced “bachaooo bachaooo” in my bechari naari voice. After finishing my work, braving strong winds and rain, I walked towards the center. The buzz of activities inside the underground aquatic pool, further proved how incredibly crazy Aussies are about their fitness. They are, believe me! 
Now even though it’s a beginner class, teachers tend to assume that you have done some sort of swimming before. Living in a coastal region they find it extremely difficult to acknowledge that you know no swimming at all. Zilch. None. It’s just a cultural thing.
My good soul instructor, gave me a floating board and asked me to dive in and glide. Yeah, just like that. So that’s what I did, only to splash tonnes of water and sink right in. Ahh such faith he had in my abilities. The look on his face was so amusing that I ended up laughing and coughing, at the same time. He must have realized what a long evening it was going to be. 

That’s when the realisation dawned that I might belong to some strange species, because for some weird reason the laws of buoyancy simply don’t work on me. 😛


He taught us other moves, free style and tips on floating. Hassled, tassled, rattled – one by one I did all of it, or so I thought, until I saw others.
The other beginner girls didn’t swat their hands like a duck, they didn’t swallow gallons of pool water, they didn’t pull their instructor’s shirt or face or hair. In that half an hour, I did a lot of kicking, and for sure, it wasn’t just the water I  kicked.
By the time the class was over, I already felt bloated with the massive drinking I did. 10 more classes to go! Oh dear oh dear. The poor instructor!
First Swimming Class

24 thoughts on “Gulp, Cough, Sink – First Swimming Class

  1. ROFL!!!! Although I empathize with you I couldn't help laughing like a mad woman after reading this post, Princess!!! :$
    I am sure you have gotten better now! You are on your way to becoming a true ozziee :D:D

  2. This is much better than everything I did (many years back) while trying to learn swimming. Out of sheer embarrassment I don't want to write about it. Or maybe I will. Let's see 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  3. Hahahaha! Did you get to use the "bachaooo bachaooo" you practiced in your "bechari naari voice"?
    Or perhaps your instructor was the one shouting for help? :p

  4. I couldn't graduate from high school without have a semester of swimming. It was required back then. I hated the water (fear of drowning), but learned to swim, dive (still hate it) and got my life-saving certificate. You can do it.

  5. hahaha…if I go for swimming classes now, the same will happen to me! You are so brave! I don't even have the courage to go for one…I'm petrified of water!

  6. hahaha That made me in roll in laughter. Your escapades brought back my own memories. I learned swimming quite late too and not from the instructor but from a friend. You will get there. Just take it slow and easy.

  7. Wow! That sure is a great thing you have begun, Raj! I, too, intend to learn to swim some day…and I have crossed my 40s…so, you are definitely not late..Just hang in there and enjoy the cool pool!

  8. It's an amazing feeling when you get it. I learnt at 32 and the first two days were tough! After that, I've taught five ladies to swim, so you're going to be fine 🙂 Good luck!

  9. Hahahahaha. I just wrote 15 goals for this year and learning to swim is one of my goals this year. I seriously hope I have better luck at it than you did.

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