Yoga at Sunrise | Photography | Clovelly Beach Sydney

Yoga Every Damn Day – As a part of A to Z April Blogging challenge, I am going to post a series of Yoga poses. Don’t worry I will keep it simple and crisp… and try not to make it boring. {All pictures are mine, clicked by my dear husband}

I love sunrises just as much as sunsets. Twilight never disappoints me, the magic never stops. Presenting before you a few of my favourite Yoga at Sunrise photography captures.
Vasisthasana  or Side Plank

The birds are paid actors. 😀

Standing Mermaid Pose

Day 2 – Bakasana
Day 4 –Dhanurasana
Day 5 – Eagle Pose
Day 6 – Fishy Fishy
Day 7 – Gate Pose
Day 8 – Headstand
Day 9 – Yoga Inversion
Day 10 – Janu Sirsasana

Day 11 – Krounchasana n Karnapidasana
Day 12 – Lord of the Dance

Day 13 – Mermaid Pose
Day 14 – Navasana
Day 16 – Pigeon Pose
Day 17 – Quietude

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