Wanderlust Postcards – Huskisson

Destination – Huskisson

Along the shores of Jervis Bay, is the beautiful white sand beach of Huskisson. A small city also called the heart of Jervis Bay. Seems I can’t get enough of it as this is my second post on Huskisson. You can read my previous post here 

The BnB place where we stayed was owned by a lovely couple. They were delightful hosts, taking care of all our needs and even provided us an amazing English Breakfast. Always book your accommodation in advance if you are planning to visit during weekends. The place is crowded with tourists and finding accommodation would be a nightmare if it’s not pre-booked.

The sunrise at Huskisson is absolutely stunning. Sitting on the rocky shore I watched the sun slowly rise from the yellowish horizon.
It was a beautiful and bright summer afternoon when I strolled along the pathway, watching the birds on far away beach, strong breeze running through my hair.

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  1. looks like a dream….the kinds that make you want to run to it immediately! loved it!

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