Wanderlust Postcards – Colac

Destination: Colac

Situated in Western Victoria, Australia, is the small city of Colac. I stayed there overnight after visiting 12 Apostles. One of the biggest mistake I did during my road trip was – not to pre book accommodation. I wanted to stay near Port Campbell, but since it was Christmas time every single hotel/motel/BnB was booked.

But not all was lost as I got to see this serene Lake Colac, which is one of the many lakes in the district. This freshwater lake is situated in a rich volcanic plain, home to black swans and is famous for fishing and boating activities.

Day 1 – 12 Apostles
Day 2 – Beaches

5 thoughts on “Wanderlust Postcards – Colac

  1. HAng on, you didn't book accommodation beforehand during Christmas season??? Wow! You're brave! The only time I haven't booked accommodation is around off-peak times. Peak season, bookings are a must. 🙂

    Lovely photos…haven't been down to Western Victoria

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