Feeling Mermaid’y today

Yoga Every Damn Day – As a part of A to Z April Blogging challenge, I am going to post a series of Yoga poses. Don’t worry I will keep it simple and crisp… and try not to make it boring. {All pictures are mine, clicked by my dear husband}

I am overwhelmed by all the love that you have shown to my yoga series. Thank you so much so taking time to read and showering me with comments. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • One Legged Pigeon or Mermaid

Who said you can’t be a Disney Princess. See I am all Mermaid’y today πŸ™‚ All I need is Sebastian and Flounder swimming around me πŸ˜›

“Stretches the thighs, groins (psoas), abdomen, chest, shoulders and neck. Stimulates the abdominal organs. Opens the shoulders and chest.”  PocketYoga

How about a Standing Mermaid!!

20 thoughts on “Feeling Mermaid’y today

  1. You are so flexible and graceful, Rajlakshmi! Your photos are gorgeous, too. Your hubs does amazing photos and I love all the interesting backgrounds. You could make a lovely book of all these yoga poses.

    1. thank you Cathy πŸ˜€ maybe once I have reached an advanced level I would think of publishing the images. Right now I am enjoying the flow πŸ˜€ It does help to have a dedicated photographer though πŸ˜€

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