My Upside Down World – Yoga inversion

So my laptop died last week. I haven’t started accounting the Gigabytes of data I lost, fearing that I might spend a week under the table, weeping. But then,  my darling of a husband bought me a MacBook Pro … yeah you can imagine the huge grin that I am wearing right now 😀 It’s the yoga of my face 😀

The previous week on Instagram pretty much sums up my yoga progress. 

Yoga is like a revelation to me and slowly I have realised that Patience is the key. Although, it is quite amusing when my legs are up in the air, swaying, trying to find the wall right behind me. How a distance of mere centimetres feel like miles!! Lifting my collar, with pride, I can say that I have now seen how the world looks upside down. 

Yoga supported headstand and tripod headstand

Since I practice at home alone, I had the biggest fear of snapping my head while doing a Tripod Headstand. But as I started becoming comfortable in the supported headstand position (yeah to even think that I am comfortable with my head resting on floor {shakes head}), Tripod headstand came naturally   {smirk} when I tried it for the first time.

I still haven’t gone away from the wall. My core isn’t strong enough to lift my legs yet. I feel like a crane trying to lift a huge boulder… gosh so tough!! If only I had the power of ants.

I am in love with all the sunrises I have watched till now. Currently, sunrise time in Sydney is 6:45 am, which is quite convenient even though I live 25 kms away from the beach. But once the daylight saving stops, after a month, we would go one hour back. The winter too is slowly setting in, I am in a race to watch sunrises and complete my series of yoga photoshoot before the season ends.

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  1. MacBook Pro!! Aha!! Super cool! OMG! I am looking at your yoga pics with awe and admiration. You are super fit and a pro too! I dont think I can do any such thing ever!!

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