Dummy’s Guide to watch a Parade

A funny take on watching on parade when you can’t find a good vantage point. As you will see, people can be quite innovative when it comes to finding the right spot.

Last Saturday we went to watch Mardi Gras 2015 Parade. With more than 10,000 participants, about 150 floats, and thousands and thousands of spectators, covering around 5 km, Mardi Gras is indeed a spectacular event to watch out for.  

Hyde Park was the starting point of the parade this year. The start time being 7:00 pm, we reached the park by 4:30, just to find a proper place (which later on we found wasn’t enough) The participants looked absolutely fabulous in their colorful and rather interesting costumes. After shooting them for a while we decided to make our way to the street and find a place to watch the parade.


But alas!! we weren’t lucky that day. Across the span of 5km, not a place was left that remained unoccupied. 

I did try to sneak in between towering human wall, but, in vain. That’s when I realized, that there are other ways of watching the parade.

Climb upon the boyfriend’s shoulders.


It would have been an excellent idea if my husband was a foot taller and had upper body strength to carry my weight.
Climb upon the Road Signs
Naah, I don’t think the police is going to like it!!
Climb on nearby trees

Now this lovey-dovey couple really did find a sweet spot.

 That’s a perfect spot too!! If only I could climb without breaking my teeth.
Rent a balcony-view flat


These are the days when I really wish I lived in one of these swanky balcony view flats.
Climb a pole

This sweet grandfather is quite strong, the way he climbed the pole made my jaw touch my toes.
So next time you wanna watch a parade, you know what you got to do 😉 
You are welcome 😛

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15 thoughts on “Dummy’s Guide to watch a Parade

  1. Just stopping by on my way down the A to Z Challenge list. I enjoyed this post and the photos. Funny and some useful information 😉 Next year you'll have to get there early so you can claim your tree!

  2. Now I just have to afford a flight to this place…and lose weight enough to be able to be carried around by my boyfriend or atleast fit between tree branches.

  3. That's incredible to get there hours before the parade only to not get a good enough view of such a spectacular parade: how disappointing! I say "ooh la la" of the photo of you between the two hunky (muscled) men! 😉 <3

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