Where River meets the Sea – Batemans Bay

Continuing my travelogue on the 8 days Road Trip I took during Christmas Break, here’s the breakdown of my amazing journey from Sydney to 12 Apostles 

Hop on as we drive through snaking coastlines and dense forests.

So on Day 1 we covered Sea Cliff Bridge and reached Wollonong. After which we stopped by Kiama, Mt Pleasant and Reddal Reserve.
Situated about 280km from Sydney, approx 6 hours drive, is the beautiful town of Batemans Bay, where the River Clyde meets the Sea. It was our first overnight stop and we stayed at Reef Motor Inn.
Our hotel was just across the Clyde Bride.
 Even though it was drizzling, we were quite excited to reach our destination and went for a walk along the Clyde River walkaway. We ran a lot, hand in hand, taking shade under trees and shed, but still both of us were reluctant to go back to the hotel room.

That’s where the Clyde Meets the Sea. Well, both the river and the sea looked quite sinister in that gloomy weather. Be mindful that shops close early here, so it’s a good idea to make plans for dinner early.
 The next day was slightly brighter, as we finished our breakfast at Hog’s Breath Cafe.

After which we queued up for a 2 hour River cruise. We had made the bookings early in the morning at Merinda River Cruises for a 11 am trip.

We spotted few dolphins to as we cruised around Clyde. Listening to the gurgling water, I watched the scene unfolding in front of me. We chose a place outside the boat which was a good idea as it was quite peaceful and I got a full view of the River and forest.
Lunch was served at around 1pm. Freshly fried battered Fish with Salad, absolutely Yummmm!!! And you can imagine how wonderful it felt to have a delicious lunch in the middle of the River, relaxing in one of the most scenic waterways.

We stopped at  Nelligen for about 20 minutes, before we started our way back.
Once the cruise was over, we drove around Batehaven, visiting random beaches, clicking photos. This is one of the picnic beaches around the area.

15 thoughts on “Where River meets the Sea – Batemans Bay

  1. That is one of my old haunts. I used to stay at Batehaven when I needed a break from Sydney. Still a beautiful area,.

  2. Great photos Raj including the food – yum, yum! – and the so-called gloomy picture looks lovely to me, not sinister at all! 😉 <3

  3. I just love the combination of pictures of sea/river and seafood available and cooked beside it…

  4. I love cruises like this especially some local specialty and that looks like it really hits the spot and I'm sure perfect with those views

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