Travails of a Kohl eyed Girl

Those who swear
by the Kajal in their eyes would know how ridiculous it feels to step out of the
house without applying a decent amount of Kohl.

My experiments
with liquid eyeliner have always ended up with me looking like a rabid racoon. 
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And being Asian eyed doesn’t help either. Years ago, when I was still ignorant of
any beauty hack, I used to bribe my roommates to apply the liquid eyeliner on
the upper eyelids. Then I would sit under the fan with closed eyes, waiting for
it to dry. Taking it off was just as messy. I have scared many a girl in the
silent hallways of my hostel, with blackened eyes and hip length untied frizzy hair.

My first Kohl was
a brilliant brownish one by Oriflame, which I had flicked from my younger
sister’s beauty bag. (Yeah that’s what sisters do) But then the damn company
stopped its production for whatever god forsaken reason. It was then my battle
began, to find the one perfect Kohl that would make my slit eyes  lit up like

I have flipped through numerous local shops, chandelier
lit posh malls and even online stores. Infact I have invested more money in
buying Kajal, than spending on something more sensible, like a good pair of Bata
chappal. You name it, and I have tried it.
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Blame the
structure of my eyes, I would reach the party looking like a Princess and in an
hour somehow I would turn into a terrifying Goth girl, with dark smears all
around my eyes. Frequenting the restroom was just as common, not because I had a bladder
dysfunction, but because my kohl would leak beyond the boundaries of my eyes.

And then came
along Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate costing Rs 700. It caused a huge dent in my pocket
but my eyes had never felt so much beautiful. In fact the Kohl was so long
lasting that I had to apply dollops of baby oil to remove it at the end of the day. Ahh those days, I
was head over heels in love.
Window to the Soul πŸ™‚ These are my Lakme Eyes πŸ˜›

But good days don’t
last long. I moved to Sydney and again started from scratch, the never-ending
saga of finding the perfect Kohl. Surrounded by strange shop with stranger brands,
I was lost, desperately tugging to the last remnants of my Kajal. After months
of research and watery eyes, I chanced upon a Korean store and picked an eyeliner by a company
with a name as scandalous as Scandal Cosmetics. Tang!!! Perfect match. 
The Scandal in my eyes πŸ˜›
 I am in love

16 thoughts on “Travails of a Kohl eyed Girl

  1. Definitely not my cup of tea, kohl, I mean πŸ™‚
    But there is something intriguing about kohl-lined eyes. I for one, find that incredibly attractive. And it really brings out the eyes. Okay, I think I've said too much πŸ˜›

  2. This would read as my story too! Have tried so many brands and have ended up sporting a raccoon look till I found L'oreal Kajal Magique. It stays for long and does not smear too! Glad you found your perfect eyeliner too!

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