5 things I bought from Aliexpress.com

As promised, here’s a list of things I bought from Aliexpress.com . I can understand that many buyers are apprehensive while shopping online, and it is quite natural to question the genuinity of stores in this age of fraud and scams. Do check out the tips, tricks and Review I shared on online shopping last month. 
I love the collection at Aliexpress and the ridiculously cheap prices often make me stare hard at the screen, blinking and wondering, if it’s really possible. The icing on the cake is – Free Shipping!! Yeayiee!!
The drawback of buying at Aliexpress is the long shipping period, which can range from 15 -45 days. So if you have all the time in the world to receive a product, go for it. 
Shoulder Bag – $10.99
Creamy White with golden chain, looks chic either with dress or a pair of blue jeans, though I am vary of putting too many things inside it. The chain might come off.


Pointed Toe High Heel $25.26
I have saved it for special occasions like parties and get-together as 3 inch heel isn’t really a good choice of footwear while running after the train every morning. Good material, stylish and strong built.



Pumps with bow-knot $14.99
They look cute with dresses and skirts. I often wear them while travelling or going out for grocery shopping. The material is soft but tends to make sweaty feet like mine sweat even more. 



Kimio Stainless Steel Watch $4.34
I have no idea whether Kimio is a brand or a type of fish, but I received heaps of compliments on the watch. Inexpensive and fashinable!! what else you need 🙂 It perfectly fits my wrist too. 



Quilling Strips (3 Packs) – total $10.26
Those who follow my blog would realize my obsession for papercrafts. After relocating to Sydney I ran out of materials and was looking for reasonably priced quilling strips. It was then I came across Aliexpress and, infact, this was the first order I had placed. 
Have a look at what I made out of those paper strips 🙂


Being short and having small feet, I could hardly find anything of my choice at malls or local shops. It was when I was on the verge of looking like a homeless person did I start my desperate attempts to find clothes online. Online shopping does take fare amount of research and carefulness, but till now (fingers crossed) I am happy with my buys,
I hope this post was helpful. I got few more items and will be blogging about it soon.
Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “5 things I bought from Aliexpress.com

  1. Hello dear omg the haul is super cool.
    I want to buy from aliexpress too. Can you just kindly tell me did you use debit cards ?? I am bit not confortable to use credit cards there as I dont even own one right now. Please kindly reply if you can I am seeing a lot of posts that debit cards dont work there. I am very afraid and confused.

  2. I think you need a bigger purse Raj if you are (over)stuffing it! 😉 Love those pumps though 3" certainly would be too high, even 2" for me! 😉 I hope are you able to find more suitable clothing that fits and suits you well! 🙂 <3

  3. I love pumps and love them with bow knots. Same pinch. beautiful woman ..you are.. 🙂 you reminded me I haven't touched my quilling set in about two weeks.. ah! thank you.. for the reminder Raj.. be good and creative..

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