#1000Speak Compassion

Maybe there’s a world hidden,
from scornful eyes of WE,
Where echoes electric laughter,
And compassion runs free.
Bestowed with immense power of love,
Yet WE choose to burn,
Acidic words, bathed in blood,
Drowning in a lost cavern.
Feel the slow lub-dub of heartbeat,
When someone yearns to live,
the lone screams of depressed,
Or warm breath on cold streets.
Spreading smiles don’t cost a thing,
WE need a little more cheer,
And then maybe you would too,
Wipe away few tears.
When fall the walls of animosity,
To awakened voices, do listen!
You might hear a whispering heart,
Gently mending the broken.

This post is written as a part of 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion, where bloggers all over the world are spreading the unanimous feeling of compassion.
Do take part, share your stories and link up at – IndiaAmericanMom

19 thoughts on “#1000Speak Compassion

  1. Loved the way you have expressed the need for love, compassion and kindness in and around us, Raj. In our fast-paced world of blinking screens and interruptions, the world needs compassion more than ever.

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