What was I upto?

Wish you all a beautiful and adventurous New Year 🙂
I am back after 8 days of being on road, crossing over 2500km. 
This has been an exciting trip. We braved all flavours of season- from hot summer morning to blinding afternoon rains, cold chilly nights to pleasant evenings. But here I am … all in one piece … though with hair that’s all over my head in odd shapes, skin that has taken a strange color and feet dry like desert. Yet I relish the learning and experience, to have an opportunity to feel what our marvelous nature has to offer.

I spent the last few days of 2014 amidst beautiful furry creatures, (that’s Arthur the Deer, who thinks he is a Kangaroo. 🙂 He was hand-reared at Birdland Animal Park, Batemans Bay, along with an ophan Kangaroo)

Stunning sunsets, admiring black swans in their natural habitat 

and watching winding coastlines of Great Ocean Road, disappear into the forest. 

I am pretty sure you will be hearing a lot of my chattering on the trip for the next couple of weeks. You have been warned 😛

And this isn’t even the best part.

While driving to Melbourne, on the way a Sunday Market caught our eye. We were famished, so we decided to stop and grab a bite. But soon I was lost in exploring the small stalls set up by the local residents. It was then I came across this awesome deal on books. Each for a dollar. Unbelievable right!! Look at my haul.

As soon as I saw Patricia Cornwell, I just grabbed the whole section 😛

Now my only trouble is, how am I going to finish reading all of them!!

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