The Snail Slime Beauty Regime

In an ideal world, if I had been living an ideal life, eating proper food maybe I didn’t have to fear so much about under eye dark circles and crow’s feet, or dry hay like hair. But as the 30’s are closing upon me, I already see strands of grey hair peeking out of my crown. The lines under my eyes raises few more lines on my forehead.

But what to do, blame the books. Why do they have to be so interesting that I have to stay up till early morning to finish them. Not to forget the years of ridiculous amount of KFC and McD that I fed my body, which turned into stubborn lower abdominal fat that I am trying hard to shed. One cannot make up for all the lack of nutrition in one day.

I had started making huge improvements in my life since last year. From proper sleep hours (which I still struggle to manage) to eating healthy food, cutting down junk succesfully and adding an exercise regime to my lifestyle. 
Weekends are for beauty and I always try to go natural using homemade products. 
It starts with layering my hair with avocado paste. I love eating avocados, in my confusion to whether eat them on put them on my head, I end up doing both. Not a pleasant sight I tell you πŸ˜›

Then in delicate moves, a paste of Besan mixed with turmeric and lime is applied on the face. While it dries, I scrub the dead skin off my feet. A paste of Baking soda with milk is rubbed on knees and elbows to get rid of dark patches.

Yup no wonder I look like an amusement piece. 

Today was no different. Except after washing everything off, I started a new snail slime beauty regime. No No don’t start puking yet πŸ˜› It’s a huge beauty fad in Korea and from what I have read, the snail extracts help removing acne and are extremely effective. I have been looking for them in all stores, but got them today at a huge discount from a smal AHA stall. Jackpot!!

Image – Google

So I applied a snail extract eye patch for 30 minutes, then a snail face mask for another 30 minutes. In between I updated Facebook with my new find which makes me feel like I am the queen of Ewww πŸ˜› Then I finished off the process with a snail extract moisturizer. All the products are from Tony Moly.
Image – Google
Today was the first day and I seriously hope I don’t start looking like a snail from tomorrow πŸ˜› But will keep you guys updated if it was all worth it πŸ™‚ 

6 thoughts on “The Snail Slime Beauty Regime

  1. hahaha Rajlakshmi you are too funny…I'm curious to find out the outcome of your regime…I never quite have the patience to try these you know? But I guess I should

  2. Snail slime, really?! Never heard of that one before. The rest of your beauty regimes do seem tried and tested. Do let us know the results of the snail slime regime πŸ™‚

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