Sofia hurriedly strapped the
seat-belt around her son. She had packed her luggage as fast as possible, while
her drunk husband lay motionless.
“Where are we going Mommy”,
her little boy asked.
“To where we belong”.
She drove past a familiar
sign, the road she had taken long ago as a newlywed bride.
Last night thunderstorm that
muffled his cries, had reduced to a drizzle now.

Afar, the sun was slowly climbing
up the sky, the rain-drenched rays forming a rainbow. Sofia slowly ruffled her
son’s hair and smiled, for she knew – no one would be coming after them.

100 Word Story

Prompts – Rainbow by Wordy Wednesday
Picture prompt by Friday Fictioneers

22 thoughts on “Survival

  1. Oh my! I didn't get the connection – I'm slow at times! 😉 – until I read Priceless Joy's remarks! Good thing I did. 😉 What a WOW story! I'm at a loss of words Raj! 😉 <3

  2. I hope they make it. I like the tension, and the slow revelation of what she's done. The thunderstorm, the drizzle, the sunshine – really good use of nature as a backdrop.

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