First Day of Workout! Phew!

Vacations over, it’s time to face life again 😛

The holidays left quite an impression on me, specially the extra layer of holiday happiness that accumulated after slamming down all my favorite fried foods and cheese. I knew it was time to get back to routine when the happiness started stuffing out of my jeans. But after 20 days of merrymaking, my body was ridiculously stubborn.

Filled with ohh-yeah-I-am-gonna-kill-this-workout kind of enthusiasm I started my warm up. Within 7 minutes I was gasping for breath. One hand on stomach, other holding the chair, I watched the lady in the video going on about how she loves summer coz it’s bikini time, smiling and working out her thighs, while I was wheezing like a donkey.

Took me a while to start breathing like a human again… I mean from the nose.

Next I got down on floor to do some crazy abs stuff. This one was pretty simple – lie on the floor, lift legs and move them in circular motion. Easy enough!?! I made a perfect circle in the first attempt, the rest were rhombus, triangle and parallelogram. After which my legs were lying perpendicular to each other.

Time for some leg drops I thought. Bad idea, I realized soon. Lying down, legs together and straight, I lifted and dropped them, without touching the ground. After five drops, my legs decided to comfortably remain in ‘dropped’ position. Yes, I could actually feel my abs burning with intensity of greatest measure.

Dayum Pinterest!! for making it look like a cakewalk.

My husband passed by, opened the fridge, took out an ice cream and then went back to his movie marathon, flexing his muscles, happily licking the delicious chocolaty layer, filled with vanilla flavored cream and crunchy nuts. 

Focus … focus …

If you wanna know how 30 secs could feel like a year – Do Planks. Whoever invented this must be experimenting on time and Relativity or was hell bent on dissuading people from toning their abs.

I thought of finishing with mountain climbing and burpees, but courage had long fled my heart.

It’s been three days and I could manage a few burpees without falling flat on the carpet. My two packs are actually visible … or maybe that’s belly fat in some twisted shape. Can’t distinguish much !! 


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42 thoughts on “First Day of Workout! Phew!

  1. First day of any workout, especially after a holiday and for so long would be intense! 😉 My office manager does planks with my other work colleagues. I no longer do them as I just can't no longer for various reasons, like foot and/or knee issues. And I think at one time, she and/or another colleague may have done a burpee. Doesn't that look like a quick version of a sun salutation asana (yoga pose)? 😉 Keep at it, but start slowly. You'll get there! And maybe you'll be "kicking your husband's butt" when you slim down and he gains up so-to-speak! 😉 <3

  2. Hahaha! I enjoyed your funny take on your exercise routine. You're better than me. I dislike workouts of any shape or form. I only enjoy aerobic dancing, walking and biking or cross country skiing and skating in winter. Even those I've been slack about lately with the frigid weather.

    Good luck but don't overdo it as I hear that's the fastest way to lose interest and quit. That's what I hear anyhow! Wouldn't know from experience. LOL!

  3. LOL 😀 Good that you have reached day 3 despite the …. 😀 I would have given up on day 1. On a serious note… keep working out, I am sure you will be fit and fine soon 🙂

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