Burp Push Lunge Plank !

my hubby decided to cleanse his body with vegetable and fruit juices for a
couple of days, without eating any solid food.
One evening, holding a bottle of
carrot and Kale juice, he walks into the kitchen, watches me preparing my
dinner and asks,”Why don’t you support me in my Juice regime“.

Whatever makes you think I don’t
support you”
, I replied, aghast at this baseless accusation, while
flipping the chicken piece over the pan.

****** *******
I kept aside
a bowl of cherries, strawberries and yogurt, to tempt me into finishing off
the 5 minutes plank challenge. That challenge btw is killing!! 5 minutes feel
like a gazillion years.

Within 3
minutes my arms were screaming for help. Gosh why do they
have to make it so tough. 

Anyway, even after 2 attempts I couldn’t complete the
challenge. I looked at the bowl of delicious delight staring at me from the
kitchen table. It was the time to showcase extreme will power and courage. A
nerve-wracking moment testing my whole being… I stared back … and then …
what the hell! I got just one life. And with that I poured the whole thing in a
blender and drank the lip-smacking smoothie. Yummy!! 

My body must be oozing with antioxidants as these days I am going gung-ho on blackberry and blueberry smoothies.

If you are
looking for a way to lose that extra abdominal fat and tone the abs,
do planks. They make my fat cells cry. I am slowly progressing into a state
when I don’t have to hold my breath and tuck in my tummy for photographs.
The pain from
the initial days of workout has subsided. I could visit the loo without
mouthing any expletives. πŸ™‚

All these
workouts make me regret my days of lunches at KFC and McD. Here I see young
girls running around the park , one round after another, while I would be
holding a tree, trying to breath again. I wish I could run. I wish I had taken
better care of myself.

Anyway, it’s fun beating Monday blues at the office with a brand new dress, in a brand new size πŸ˜€

10 thoughts on “Burp Push Lunge Plank !

  1. Ooh I never timed my planks but I'm sure I wouldn't last a minute. But I can fall back on other kinds of exercise, so that's a bit of a consolation. You look gorgeous. Way to go.

  2. Oh planks are a killer. I can do max 4 minutes of planking but I still struggle with side planks.
    Good on you for persisting. At the end of the day, as long as you are doing some form of exercise, you should be pretty happy with yourself! πŸ™‚ Great pic in the dress {as always!}

  3. You look good!!
    I've been hitting the gym regularly this year and even with the illness and everything, its made a difference!
    I have to start doing planks.. everyone's talking about them!! πŸ˜€

  4. Whoa! That dress looks absolutely great on you. I think I need to take inspiration and give this "prize if you do 3 sets of lunges" a go! I have been horribly lazy πŸ™

    You go girl!

  5. Jaa Raji Jee le apni zindgi!! πŸ˜‚
    Planks are gud but like nabanita my will power to exercise or control foodie temptations is like d IQ of d extinct dodo! πŸ˜–

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