Of Game of Throne, Books and Reality

For those who haven’t watched Game of throne drama series and are wondering how the book is, let me warn you before hand – if you open that book, be prepared for constant bouts of extreme restlessness, agony, heart break and shock!! The book takes over you, all you can think of is how you can never be as brave as Arya Stark, and how stupid yet gentle Sansa is. It’s a maze,  a world of its own, and once you enter, there’s no looking back. I have been totally consumed by its story, characters, Winterfell, Dragons and Seven Kingdoms. The storyline is fast paced and there are so many characters that it’s natural to lose track of them. I am done with the first one. The others are waiting for me, eagerly, with their sleep-killing monstrous swords. This book is not for the faint hearted.


Goodreads have published the list of Best Books of 2014. Are you as excited as I am?

I am often lost in a bookstore as to what
to read and what not. My biggest fear is to buy a book that doesn’t
appeal to me. It’s even worse than buying non fitting shoes. Atleast you
can fix a bad shoe.

Don’t you simply love a book that effortlessly transports you to a different world? My favorite is still Hitchiker’s guide to the Galaxy series, followed closely by Millenium Trilogy. These are the books that gave me that aweful feeling of emptiness once I finished reading them. It’s hard to describe hard meaningless everything seems when you realize that reality isn’t as exciting as space travel.


Are you taking part in 2015 Reading Challenge?

Until recently I considered myself a bookworm, but when Corrine said her aim is 200, I was left gasping for breath. The way Shilpa writes book reviews one after the another and Naba finishes her reading list, I come off as a simple bookworm wannabe. Harini’s list on Goodreads makes me marvel at her extreme devotion to books.

My existing list is going to be updated soon. I have created a Bookshelf in Goodreads for 2015 Reading Challenge. It actually makes me feel so organized 🙂

But first, I need to finish the Game of Thrones Series. Those are seriously huge books!!

6 thoughts on “Of Game of Throne, Books and Reality

  1. I have to read The Game of Thrones!! Have been reading so much about it! I am so with you on buying a book that turns out to be a bad read! I hate it. That is why I buy books, only after reading reviews from like minded book readers. I am taking part in this 2015 book reading challenge too. I am targeting 100. This year my target was 50 and I have read 70 books so far. And I think I will be reading 6-7 more books in the next fortnight! So 100 should be an easy target for me 😀

  2. Ah the book challenge would really have been interesting a few months back! But off late I don't know why but I simply cant focus on reading. The Game of Thrones does sound interesting though!

  3. I've heard Game of Thrones has so many characters …it makes me wonder if you get dizzy just keeping tabs of them all! 😉 I would love to participate in the book challenge though I suspect it probably won't be practical/realistic for me…though haven't opened the link! 😉 Diana Gabaldon apparently writes really great fiction about time travel…I only read one – her first? – as part of an event two or three years ago… 😉 <3

  4. I understand the feeling of emptiness that overtakes when a book , a good one, finishes…. And I'm yet to read Game of Thrones but I have watched every episode of the series so far and I can understand what you mean when you say that it just takes over your life…And the book would certainly be so much better…

    All the best for the book challenges for next year… Let's read, read and then read some more 🙂

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