Modern Paper Quilling Earring

So the rains ruined my weekend outing plan!! It warm and sunny in the morning, and then suddenly there was ferocious thundering, lightening and non stop torrential rain. The sky seemed to explode into light and raindrops. Not to forget I got drenched while buying Paneer for the dear Husband.

But with that I got a chance to stay at home, read Game of thrones and do some quilling work. 

It’s been long since I made a paper quilling earring and I have always wanted to make some modern designs, rather than traditional ones as they don’t go with my dresses. Armed with a pack of newly bought quilling strips, glue and watermellon dipped in ice cream, the artist was all set to work. It’s a good thing that the husband was busy watching movies, else the mess I made on his table was … well not a welcoming sight. πŸ™‚

After cutting, rolling, sticking and painting then with a top coat, they were ready. 
I was inspired by a design on Etsy – Blue earring.  Now all I need is a dress to go with it πŸ˜€

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