Are you a Destiny’s Child?

The holiday season is here and I have been swamped with things to do. From planning the road trip to complete my reading list, playing Table tennis at work to entering Christmas giveaways, catching up with friends to getting my hair ready for the new year. 

Yup swamped!! I have already decided the Zentangle projects I will be doing next year. For now, here’s a Zentangled Typography I made on a late summer night.

My sister calls me Destiny’s Child – the blessed one, and
that’s how this blog got its name. I don’t know how to put it subtly – I always
got what I want, anything (touchwood)…. BUT NEVER for FREE
. Luck doesn’t favour
me much, favoritism would never be my cup of tea, all I have is Hard-Work. And
good fortune follows those who work hard. Invest in your passion with time and perspiration,
and you could be the Destiny’s Child.

The only time I had desperately prayed to God and asked
something for myself was 17 years ago when Akshay Kumar’s “Mai Khiladi Tu Anari”
was released in a nearby cinema hall. Naah, Dad didn’t allow us to watch. After that
all I pray for is the well-being of my family (and sometimes World Peace 🙂 ) . In college I used to
see my friends fasting on Mondays or Thursdays to please the God to grant them their

I never understood
that concept. If I want something, I will get it myself, why ask someone else.

I am grateful for the endless encouragement of my loved
ones. They keep me striving for best even for a goal as simple as Washboard Abs.
Besides, I love striking out things from my to-do list. If you are a list-o-maniac,
you would understand the sheer joy and rush of adding a little tick against
things-to-do. Though I am known to lose my concentration easily, but once it
gets into my to-do list, there will a tick against it sooner or later. The
split personality of Gemini sometimes play havoc inside my mind.

I do try hard to never let a dull moment seep inside my
life. Afterall, it’s either this life or none at all.

18 thoughts on “Are you a Destiny’s Child?

  1. It's always been hard work for me too! 🙂
    Hard work and honesty always pays.. 🙂
    The Zentangle is lovely!

    Happy Holidays and may 2015 bring you all that your heart desires <3

  2. Oh I'm a listo-maniac too…I love making lists, it helps me be organised …yes, maybe I don't get every thing I want and at times I give up…But the list making and the ticking things off, I like!

  3. It is important to believe in the goodness of others as well as oneself. You, I am glad to say, have that both in abundant measure. Stay happy, Raj and I am so glad we connected this year thanks to blogging. May we always be happy together 🙂 Oh and rock the New year with that new hairdo 😀

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