Winding Roads

I am in love with the roads. The miles and miles of long winding roads, rising up and down, and circling the lush green hills. They represent Freedom, sometimes careless and wayward. One of the reasons why I love road trips is I love watching the road ahead. It may sound crazy but I can stare ahead of me for hours and hours on, watching the dividers and white traffic lines zoom past me. Maybe because I don’t drive, I just enjoy the views and stick my head out of the window. 😛

Recently, I was caught in a fog while traveling to Sydney. It was a perfect sunny day, when suddenly, like a thick smoke the fog appeared. In minutes the visibility reduced considerably. This was the first time I had experienced this. I had only read about the sudden appearance of Fog in Fantasy books. But to actually experience is quite exciting. Well, I guess my husband didn’t find it that exciting as he was driving very cautiously and was worried about safety.

Blue skies, white fluffy clouds, traveling with us for miles.

The Australian countryside is stunning. I have recently started exploring places outside and around Sydney and I am totally in love with the change in scenary.

These roads invoke a sense of comfort, as if I have numerous choices laid out in front of me. Unforced, unrestricted. The wild wind and swaying trees make me forget all the materialistic pursuits. 

They taunt me to slow down time, taste the air and breathe in the lingering fragrance of Life.

Do you love the road?

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