The curious case of Terrifying Typos

I am pretty sure there aren’t many mobile phone users who have not suffered from a major auto-correct/typo causality. I myself have been rendered “tomato faced” a little too many times. Like when a blogger messaged me on chat for the first time, asking for some advice, I replied with “A$$ it up” instead of Add it up. So much for first impressions huh!!
My phone is somehow always in X-rated mode. Doesn’t help when you reply on a blogpost with – love this Po*n instead of “loved this post“. I still don’t remember what I did wrong while typing, that my phone started thinking in this ridiculuos manner. Imagine the horror that sinks in my heart as soon as I publish such comments. Google might block me one day for all the crappy comments I accidentally publish. Since then I usually reply with “Loved your write“. Be safe.
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One of my friend’s nickname is Tingu. On WhatsApp group chat, you can imagine the reaction when I pinged – Tongue will do. You put a T and G together; this know-it-all auto correct assumes it to be tongue. Very dangerous in this age of double meaning sentences.

Does your Microsoft word change Brasserie with Brassiere? If it wasn’t for the confused comments of my readers, I wouldn’t have realized that this was a blunder at a whole new level.

Among friends, I don’t sweat much if my phone’s auto correct goes haywire. But while commenting on blogs or chatting with an acquaintance, I start hyperventilating as soon as I see that “Whose” has managed to turn into a “Wh*re”.

This reminds me of an incident when one of my friends asked a guy, “What’s the power of your s*x“, when she actually wanted to say SPECS. Slip of tongue of the highest order. Three years and we still pull her leg.
So let’s see who can top this list of embarrassment, please share in the comment section.

11 thoughts on “The curious case of Terrifying Typos

  1. He he he…can completely relate to this one! I remember how my mum struggled with her new smartphone a few months back when she was trying to type 'idli' and it turned it into Italy every time 😉

  2. That is so funny. Once we were talking about the color of a paint. He wrote: Persian Red. The auto correct changed it to PeriXd Red.

  3. hahaha LOL That's too funny Raj! I remember when I used to type medical grants for work and I would type 'brian' instead of 'brain' and more embarrassingly, 'public' instead of 'public.' I hope I caught all my errors on time! 😉 <3

  4. LOL 😀 That was funny and I can empathize, as I have gone through some embarrassing auto-correct. I remember texting "You are such a dead friend". And you can imagine the consternation and then the roaring laughter! 😐

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