Nosey Tantrums and Lilies

There’s a band baja baraat going on inside my nostrils. Remember how the
allergies had made my nose a rapid sneezing machine, for two months to
be precise. Since last week, I was finally able to breathe. But, not
without much fanfare. Trumpets starts blowing inside as soon as I let
some air in. In fact I woke up in the middle of the night, to the sound
of my own snoring!!! Ohh the maladies of life. Just a month ago I was
pulling my husband’s leg about his snoring, but now he has threatened to
record my nosey sounds and play it back to me, or even worse share the
audio among my friends!! Geesshhh this husband I tell you!! 😛

And to top it all, it’s windy here. The pollens are all swarming around me, ready to turn my nose into a waterfall. I sometimes wish I could unscrew my nostrils, run it under the tap, clean it with some anti bacterial soap and then fix it back. I got more tissues in my purse than money. There’s no end to allergy season.


I feel first blooms are always special. There’s a pot of Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum, in my office cubicle area which is cared by our team of 8 members. It belonged to our Product Manager. He would always send a mail to the team, setting a reminder to water the plant on his absence. Three weeks back, it flowered. Today there’s two of them.

Are you writing everyday this November? 

7 thoughts on “Nosey Tantrums and Lilies

  1. Ouch, allergies don't sound good.. uh uh, not at all good.. I get very irritated when my nose is not in condition so it is just as well I don't have any allergies I suppose… I completely get what you say about unscrewing the nose, everytime I get a cold, I feel that way :O

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