My 3D Quilling Collection

By now you all would have realized my passion towards arty crafty stuffs. In my laptop I have folders after folders on craft inspirations, quilling frames, DIY, nail polish art, zentangles, calligraphy, origami, sketches etc etc. So much to do, so little time!! Sigh!
Anyhow, today I am sharing my favorite 3D quilling models that I have made over the years. 

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Tutorial on making flower – Quilling Orchid Tutorial

7 thoughts on “My 3D Quilling Collection

  1. Oh my Raj: you are SO creative and inspirational in this 'art' department! 😉 So adorable these pieces you made: love the first one of the dolls and the piano…such detail! Thanks for sharing your masterpieces with us! 😉 <3

  2. These are gorgeous. You are so talented. I bet crafting this requires a lot of patience.
    You should join Pinterest. Lots and lots of inspiration there. I love crafts and DIY a lot and Pinterest have improved my imagination.

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