Flynn Rider – Zentangle

Not just Rapunzel, but many girls across the world had fallen head over heels for the suave Flynn Rider from the hit Disney movie Tangled. I too adore him and fell really hard for his Smolder look 😀
So once I started zentangling (if that’s a word), I wanted to draw him real bad. Here’s the final result. Flynn Rider got “Tangled” from sure.
zentangle artwork
zentangle artwork

11 thoughts on “Flynn Rider – Zentangle

  1. You made that… like actually actually made that!! wohoooo…The zentangle is too good… I can scribble a doodle but the face and the attitude he is showing is unmatchable… Kudos!!

  2. That's cool artwork Rajlakshmi! How long have you been doing it? Did you know that there are some other bloggers into this. (I would love to but I'm not there yet!) I'm curious: is there a relationship between the movie Tangled and Zentangle other than the first being part of the second word? 😉

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