Are you scared of online abuse?

Let me tell you at the beginning – I am a total Coward!!
Today I was watching videos where Celebrities read the meanest tweets they had received. Well, they handled it pretty gracefully.

I, on the other hand would have been devastated. Honestly, I am scared of online bullying or abusing, so much that I steer clear of writing controversial comments or posting anything that can lead to debate. Infact, if a video’s comment section is filled with foul language, I jump out of it. Yeah, I am kind of coward that way, we all know when it comes to the The WEB, no debate is healthy.

Why people jump straight into Fs and Maa Behens is beyond me? A conversation turns into a controversy. The intolerance and maturity level of people appals me when they resort to such language. Snubbing is not same as being witty, Arrogance is not same as Attitude, and being rude just shows incompetence not intelligence.
There was one incident when I had shared a wrong post in one of the Linky blogs. Poets from around the world had taken part and shared their works. The moderator was a very decent guy and I had asked him to remove my link as it didn’t match the theme. But one Indian guy left such a rude comment on my blog that I was stunned for while. I am not used to such negativity around me. I replied to him with as much decency as my shocked self could think of. Even though it was a pretty awesome group of poets, I stopped writing for it. Frankly I am not mentally strong to handle rudeness. It leaves a bad taste and I am not ready to savour it.

Flick through any popular share on Facebook, and you will see what I am talking about. I have this bad habit of placing myself in place of the victim. It must be distressing to be called with so many colorful names just for expressing their opinion. I have a
huge respect for bloggers who can write and handle controversial topics
with grace and little bit of cheekiness. They are like my blogger
superheroes. I can’t even afford to be their sidekick. God I am such a
scared crow!
Face to face, bring on any debate, I will prove my point without killing or staining the English language. It is not necessary that people will have the same opinion as yours, but the art lies in disagreeing and tolerating their thoughts without actually murdering them with F words.
I wonder if I am the only coward here 😛 Do share your views.

8 thoughts on “Are you scared of online abuse?

  1. You are not a coward re. You just don't prefer falling to their level 🙂 and no harm in that. But avoiding yourself from getting offended by such people is something we all should learn.

  2. I stay away too.. I don't want to get mixed up in controversies or politics in the online world!
    I have seen how mean people can be sitting behind a computer screen!!

    Completely agree with you

  3. I'm with you! I am amazed at some of the comments on videos, articles, Facebook shares, and so on – for some people, their bullying nature seems to come out when there's a degree of anonymity. It's rather depressing, actually!

  4. It's unbelievable that people tweet such lines, including to movie stars: I find that rather appalling actually! I love how some use wit to answer back like Gary Oldman and Sophia Vergara. That's probably the best way to handle stuff like this and I think that's a natural talent that some people have. There are certainly different and better ways to express one's opinions. 🙂 I wrote a post recently on 'Posts of the Controversial Kind!' as they could have been controversial depending on the reader; however, most responded that they weren't. I sometimes do wonder about potential abuse online, though that hasn't occurred. ( <3

  5. You have company, Raj! I steer clear from such controversies, debates, mud slinging matches, name-calling too. I appreciate wit and humor to state your difference of opinions but being rude and nasty speaks a lot about you!

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