The Champagne Dress

I am a choosy shopper. Be it online or in a store, I take ridiculous number of hours, sometimes days, to pick a dress. Yup, I am the nightmare shopper wife πŸ˜› So when my friends compliment me on one of my picks, I beam with pride. Like a proud owner I show off my prized possession. πŸ™‚

Few months ago, I had randomly taken part in a Yoyomelody Giveaway where every participant was awarded a $30 gift coupon. 
Even before the coupon landed in my inbox I had scanned through the site, for more than a week to find a suitable dress. Finally settled for this Chic and Modern Chiffon Dress. Neither too short, nor too long, perfect for the summers. Light green isn’t my shade, so from a huge list of colors I picked Champagne.

To be frank I was quite sceptical while selecting it and wasn’t expecting much, but since I had a coupon I was ready to take the risk in selecting colors and experimenting with size. Before submitting the order, in the comment section I had added my height and wrote that I wanted the hem of the dress to fall on my knees.

The production time was said to take 20-25 days and shipping time another 10-15 days. I received the shipment after a month, from China. The bonus were the stamps stuck on the package πŸ™‚
As you can see, the dress is absolutely gorgeous and it fits like a dream.The outer layer is chiffon, while the inner layer is satin. The ribbon around the waist makes the dress even more cute πŸ™‚


** I wasn’t asked to review the product, I did it because I loved it πŸ™‚

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