Paper Quilling – Flowery Frame

I had bought the glass frame three months back for just $2, hoping that it would inspire me to finish off the work, which was in progress for god knows how long. Blogging and travelling had taken over my priority list. But today, I am finally completed the flowery frame, and now it’s hanging high up on the wall of my living room. 

This little girl is one happy Paper crafter 😀

Using colorful paper strips, I first made these flowers and leaves, using the technique called Paper Quilling,

and then arranged them on the frame.

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Here are few Quilling Tips to get you started – Quilling Tips

Here’s a Tutorial on how to make leaves – Quilling Leaves 
Tutorial on making flower – Quilling Orchid Tutorial

10 thoughts on “Paper Quilling – Flowery Frame

  1. That is so beautiful. You've inspired me. I want to read the tutorial. I love working with paper making cards and I'm sure this technique would lend itself well to card making. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow!
    After seeing so many paper ear-rings, I am relieved and amazed…
    This is unique idea and i am motivated to try something like this!

    Thanks for sharing and tickling the creative part of my brain!

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