Of Lights, Laddu and Mehendi

I hope you all had a wonderful and happy Diwali 🙂 I didn’t want to let ICICI folks dampen my Diwali mood. So as soon as I got home, I cleaned the whole place, took out my Anarkali dress, which hadn’t seen daylight since my arrival in Sydney and started making Besan k laddu. Now I zeroed in on this sweet because it was the simplest recipe I could find online. With my history of kitchen disasters, it was better I stick to things I can handle. 😛

Here you go.

My first ever Besan k laddu.

Bought these Diyas from a nearby Indian store.

And Mehendi Cone too. I was up till 1 am, the night before, trying not to make a mess of my hands.

Tell me how was your Diwali 🙂 You can share the links to your posts too. I am in a mood to read.

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14 thoughts on “Of Lights, Laddu and Mehendi

  1. Wow! I could see your efforts there…
    And appreciate that you took so much…

    I was away from home this Diwali…
    Like you, I bought diyas and did quick pooja in my room…
    Also, I had bought sweets from a nearby store and ad them…
    Wore an anarkali that was waiting in my wardrobe to see the light of day for ages…

    In short, pretty good one!

    Belated happy diwali 🙂

  2. Wow those besan ke laddoos do look tasty!!!
    I did not have besan laddoos this time but I gulped down a lot of gulab jamuns. 😀
    I spent this Diwali at home and boy how I much I loved it!

  3. Fascinating to read about you celebrating the Indian Diwali festival while you are in Australia. I don't know much about this tradition being an English Canadian but I do love learning about it. Love the intricate designs on your hands. So pretty. They make me think of Laurel Reagan's zentangles.

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