Is it tough to be gracious?

I have extreme respect and awe for women who can drive. Mostly because I am such a hopeless nut. Imagine the scenario – I am on the driver’s seat and Dad is sitting next to me. 
Arey Beta, increase the speed“, he would say. OK. Accelerator. Clutch. Change gear.
Papa papa gear is not even moving…kiya karu… kiya karu”.
Car goes ghadaghadaghadaghda.
Stop. Right in the middle of the road. 
And we all know how patient and graceful the Indian Traffic is.
They only reason I was shit-scared of driving in India was I could never handle the pressure other drivers put on you. My heartbeat used to race like rabbit. 

Well, there can be distractions too 😛


I got my learner’s license yesterday after clearing the online test. Our new car is automatic and my husband is hell bent on making me the driver for all our outings. So on Sydney roads, if you see the slowest car with a girl wearing a frightened lamb like expression, honk and say hi, that would be me.
This reminds me of an incident. One of my friends in Sydney was a newbie driver. While reverse parking she had hit another parked car. Although scared, she stuck a note on the car, apologising and gave her phone number as well, for the owner to claim charges.
But what she got as a response was absolutely astonishing.
The owner sms’ed her in the evening saying not to worry about it and even wished her a wonderful weekend. 

Ahh!! these people, they will just kill us with their graciousness. The first time someone gave way to me while taking the escalator, even though it was extremely crowded, I was surprised. For a moment I stared blankly at him, thinking – are you seriously letting me go first? 

We took out car for a spin this weekend and guess what, people give way. They let you move in front of them.

It’s not a habit or one time thing. That’s the culture here. 
I won’t
complain of this in India because I believe that would be equivalent to
First World problems in Third world country, but, is it tough to be gracious and patient?

Hope you all a great weekend.

15 thoughts on “Is it tough to be gracious?

  1. I am scared of driving on Indian roads too. The traffic in Hyderabad is very unruly. Just like your husband my finance is hell bent on teaching me to drive though.

  2. When I started driving I was terrified and timid. With practice it gets better and the more you do it the better it gets until it is second nature! Congratulations on getting you license! That is awesome!

  3. Given the patience and graciousness that we practice on our roads here, I have learnt driving but never ever had the courage to take the car out on my own even once. The graciousness that you have experienced in Australia is so very much needed here! I know that will take a long long time to happen! SIGH!!

  4. Having witnessed the serene roads in USA and the roads that looks like a fish market, I have always wondered what you just asked. Is it really that tough to leave way to someone… to not to honk unnecessarily… why do Indians make the road a hell?

    All I can do is to take a conscious step to follow the traffic rules as much as possible… love mine and other's vehicle and life equally.

  5. Took me 10 years to sit my full license from my restricted (NZ has a 3 tier system), Strange that while I had my learners and restricted, I was absolutely petrified of driving but the day I got my full, I lost that fear. Perhaps the fact that I could finally pass that test gave me the confidence. Good luck with the driving.

  6. Yes, Indians need to learn a lot on graciousness and patience. I drive all over so I know that if I give a pass to someone on the road they are actually surprised! Congratulations on your license. Keep driving.

  7. One of my friends has recently relocated to India from UK and more than anything she is appalled by the road rage, impatient drivers and in general the ungrateful attitude of people here!
    I did learn to drive but haven't taken out the car in ages! 😉

  8. Don't even get me started on how totally un-gracious people can be! What weirdos we have in this world. Happy for you though. Me, I am on the wrong side of 30 and still cannot drive 🙁

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