Fraud Transaction of Rs 37072 on ICICI Credit Card

Update – Issue resolved Please read here

I am seriously stressed out  and hence this post.

I have used my ICICI credit card for about 3-4 years and just a few days before it was going to expire, two years ago, three fraud transactions were made by an international European flight website. The total fraud amount was around Rs 37,000. Since there were already few transactions on my card, the bill came to around Rs 55K. But, the total limit on my card was Rs 44K. I have no idea how this was even allowed.

So I called the customer care, registered a complain and was told that they would investigate and it would take 90 days for the  case to be closed. They had refunded the fraudulant amount back to my card. All good.

Now after two years, suddenly they sent a mail stating that the investigation decision was made in favour of the bank and I have to pay Rs 38K. Due to some god forsaken reason, they can’t reveal how the investigation was done.

I mean, a multinational company like ICICI, can’t even figure out if a transaction is fraud or not. What the eff is that? I have been going back and forth with their customer care (SR319478555, email – 0002MaA16BUBCT56) . But since the past 20 days, I have stopped receiving their replies as well. 

Today I saw that they had automatically deducted Rs 800 from my account, without even informing, to pay credit card dues. Now my account balance is Zero. I don’t know if more fines will be added for zero balance.

I have repeatedly mailed and told them that I am not happy with the investigation decision and have complained to higher level too, following the steps as directed by the site. Of course, I received no reply to that as well.

Why are they still charging late fines and deducting amount willy nilly?

I googled for similar issues, and guess what, seems ICICI has quite a reputation when it comes to fraud transactions. Many customers have ended up paying huge amount. I don’t want to be one such victim. It is highly unacceptable that after two years of silence I am asked to pay such an exorbitant amount, that too when these expenses were not done my me.

I am someone who pays bill right on time and my credit card history is clean. This is totally disappointing and unprofessional.

Ever since this incident, I have stopped owning credit cards. ICICI has scared me for life.

Kindly advise as this is absolutely distressing.

16 thoughts on “Fraud Transaction of Rs 37072 on ICICI Credit Card

  1. I had watched/heard about such frauds on T.V. now coming across a real case. I am also an ICICI fan but no, no credit cards. Gave them up long back. Happy diwali !

  2. Almost never happens with US Issued credit cards. Laws are very strict here.

    Please ask them if they contacted the company that charged your credit card and what was their reply.

    If they are going to charge your account automatically, close that account immediately.

    Write to them you are taking them to consumer court. (Do not make an empty threat. If they don’t resolve, be prepared to go to the consumer court.)

    Good Luck to you. (Keep posting the developments. Thanks.)

    Finally, is this Visa or Mastercard. If you let me know, I will send you details about who to contact at their headquarters and complain about ICICI Bank. They will take this matter very seriously.

    1. Will write an email about who to contact in Visa regarding ICICI Bank. It is the reputation of Visa is on the line. They will certainly look into this matter.

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