BAD14: Inequality in Income

Last year I wrote about Blind Perceptions. This year – it’s Inequality

stark difference in distribution of wealth in India is so appalling that it’s
visible in every nook and corner. Take for example Mumbai, on one hand it is
home to numerous swanky bungalows, international celebrities and billionaire
businessmen, while on the other hand, Dharavi is one of the largest slum
dwellings in the world.

The roadsides
in India are marked with sleek BMWs and crippled beggars. Behind most complexes
in Bangalore where each flat costs about Rs 80 Lakhs to Rs 1 Cr, reside maid
servants and helpers in shabby tents with leaking roofs.
I had once
dropped a maid servant near her home. The living conditions were extremely
pitiable, not to mention the possibility of diseases inhabiting in those damp
and unhygienic surroundings.

I always wondered
how did we let this happen? To our own country, our own comrades. Even after
reaching Mars and becoming so technical strong, we couldn’t implement one good
policy that actually is in the welfare of the citizens. Home to billions but
still our country is lacking in people with progressive and radical ideologies
and strength in character to turn those ideologies into reality.
explosion, Corruption, Tax evasion – we can point out all the reasons we want,
but the harsh truth will not change. The rich is getting richer, the poor is
becoming poorer.

House Rent is
skyrocketing, tomatoes are sold at Rs 80/kg and onions seems to be replacing
gold, even the middle income group is finding it difficult to make ends meet. The
cost of living has more than doubled in the last couple of years, but the total
earning is increased by percentage of just a single digit.

I live in
Sydney now. An electrician, a taxi driver, a plumber, an IT professional, a
receptionist – all earn in similar bracket and evoke same respect from the
public. I do see homeless people here and there on street, but the government
has policies to take care of them.

may help, but it is not an answer to our problems. There are many organizations
and NGOs in India, diligently working towards educating poor children, teaching
handcrafts and skills to empower women. Although it’s baby step towards
improving the economic capabilities of our country, but something’s better than

20 thoughts on “BAD14: Inequality in Income

  1. Sad how ugly capitalism across the globe is the root cause of all evil. They are responsible for creating second class citizens, amass huge wealth for their own selfish interests. That's why we need socialism to restore human dignity.

  2. In Sydney, a plumber and a receptionist earn in similar bracket! That's news to me. In USA, a plumber makes as much as a surgeon.

  3. Inequality of income is present world-over, but it's visible in India. More than inequality of income, I find the attitude of people towards laborers and other workers, pitiable. It's changing, but there is a respect that every profession deserves and everyone should have some basic courtesies.

    Destination Infinity

  4. The disparity in income levels is not only saddening, it's difficult to understand. Some jobs are looked down upon and very poorly paid, but they are important. For example, in hospitals, doctors are given a lot of importance and are well-paid, nurses are given less importance and are not so well-paid, and housekeeping staff are given no importance and are poorly paid.
    As you've pointed out, our eyes are opened wide when we go abroad and find that all professions and jobs are treated with respect and are well-paid.

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