Tips on Nail Stamping

Hello there. In my previous post on nail art / stamping I had published a tutorial on how to go about it. Check out The art of nail stamping
Many of my friends and readers had asked me how long do they stay. The trick that I use to make nail polish stay for longer time is to use a transparent Top coat. I apply a transparent coat of nail polish before painting my nails. This also prevents coloring of nails as longer exposure to nail polishes might turn your nails yellowish.
Once I have applied the design I add another layer of top coat so that the nail polish don’t chip off. This makes the design last atleast a week, unless you are washing your clothes by hand 🙂

nail art


The nail polishes that I feel stay longer are Revlon, OPI and Sally Hansen. If you feel that your nail polish is about to chip off, apply a layer of transparent coat to stick it back. I experiment with different nail art designs and use a lot of nail stamping plates to get interesting patterns 🙂

nail art design

I hope this helps. Stay tuned – more tips on beautiful nails, coming your way.

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