I linger for a moment more,
and watch you burn me to the soul,
on these frozen shores of yore.
They say I am an irrevocable fool,
obsessed with a notion of love.
I only wonder who is more cruel?
What do they know of the pain that sears,
and this sound of my breaking heart,

Amidst the silence no one  hears.

41 thoughts on “Irrevocable

  1. How true and sad and painful. The moths to a flame goes hand in hand with your poem. Sometimes we loves the bad boys. You are truly eloquent in your words.

  2. This is like those old Hindi film songs about the parwana and shama…remember? O maybe you are too young to know what I am speaking about πŸ™‚ You describe the beauty of the pain of love very nicely in these lines.

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