Sibling Effect – Men without Sisters

Look, I don’t need suggestions … Just listen and nod your head… ok!!“, I would say after doing an exasperated facepalm.
How am I supposed to know that. I didn’t grow up with girls!!“, he would try to defend himself, with that mischievous grin of his.

This got me thinking, am I the only one who feels that it’s excruciatingly painful to explain the simplest of girly-thing to a guy who grew up with brothers and no sisters. 
I have to make him sit down, literally pat his head and then explain that I don’t like playing boxing all the time, so stop punching my shoulders.
To which he would often retort,”Kiya karu …I grew up like that .” He is the youngest of three brothers and seems they expressed their love by kick-boxing. 

Imagine, the whole day you are curled up like a tortoise due to stomach cramps, and you have  finally found a position that somewhat relieves the pain. With that state of mind, try explaining this to your Mr Ignorant, who at regular interval would pop his head and ask ,”Soti rahogi kiya sara din!!” (Will you be sleeping the whole day?). Those with some patience can even attempt explaining, I on the other hand would throw a pillow and howl,”Go away“. He thinks the hormones effect my mental health too, because my most favorite expressions during those times are :

And feminine hygiene products extort exact reactions from him.
Sometimes I feel a part of his brain is emotionally underdeveloped. Else why would he make me watch all the sequels of SAW, one after another? He even tried to keep my eyes open during those gory scenes.

The other day I had worn a new dress and I asked him to take a picture of me. I wanted to see how the dress would look in pictures. Now this is an extremely normal behavior among girls. Sisters and Room-mates have been doing this since ages. But I spent half an hour trying to explain why I needed the picture and why the mirror wasn’t enough. Sometimes I feel so emotionally exhausted answering all his Why’s and What’s.
Take for instance – shoes. A week ago I gave him a lecture on types of shoes. There are office shoes, friday shoes, glam shoes, go-to-grocery shoes, workout shoes, rainy day shoes etc etc. I am pretty sure my brother doesn’t need any tutorial as my sister and I taught him pretty well, 🙂 but I have to explain it to my dear hubby that most girls are crazy about their shoes, so asking them why they are buying a new pair is extremely illogical.
I am infact thinking of writing a manual for him, along with troubleshooting tips. Tell me, please tell me that I am not the only one.

30 thoughts on “Sibling Effect – Men without Sisters

  1. Haha. My hubby has a sister, yet he doesn't understand. Everytime I buy a bag, he asks me if I am planning to open a shop at home since I already have like a dozen bags at home. 😛

  2. Haha! 😀 You certainly are not the only one. Could imagine all the scenes you have mentioned in the post.
    It really is a pain in the ass explaining such things to boys, let alone to boys who grew up w/o girls around.

  3. Haha!! My feelings exactly. I keep telling my husband how sad it is that he didn't grow up with a girl because he has a brother. But then, when I see him learn new things I feel extremely happy. It's a proud feeling that a man would be willing to change for his woman even though he did not understand a whole lot while growing up.

  4. LOL 😀 On a serious note, I can empathize with you. Thankfully, KG grew up with 2 elder sisters so he is well trained in girly stuff and sometimes has a suggestion or two for me too! :Eye Roll :

  5. No no you are not the only one…Men are anyways have their shortcomings in such areas 😉 you do your thing girl… *running off to teach something new to my husband now*

  6. Hahahahahahaha!!! I can't stop laughing! Though I have cousins who are more manicured than us, without having a real sister. But then I think what you have stated is pretty normal. I have heard my girl friends cribbing about their husbands without sisters! :))

  7. Am on your hubby's side. I grew up all alone and have no clue about all these. May be will get tips from LR folks after marriage.

  8. Of course you are NOT alone. My hubby keeps telling me, "Why do you need one now? You bought a pair only last month! How many do you have? Why again?" And it goes on and on 😛 So no, you are NOT alone 😛

  9. My husband grew up with two sisters, but sometimes I still have to explain some of these things. But 25 years has somewhat happened. So wait for a few more years. They just need longer to learn the simplest things, my dear!

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