UBC Day 1 – InstaTravel June

Ultimate Blogging Challenge – Day 1

At the end of every month, I have planned to post my most liked pictures from Instagram (rajlakshmihb) account. This is the second part of the series and I hope I will be continuing it for many more months.

I adore this view – vast blue river through green foliage. It was clicked during one of my walks from Spit to Manly Beach, Sydney. There were many more such scenic lookouts on the trail.


Watching the ships sail by, at Fisher’s Bay 🙂 It was calm, peaceful and absolutely relaxing!

I love taking pictures of lone benches, I feel they have a story to tell. And, if a view is as gorgeous as this, I gotta click and capture it.

Sydney is surrounded by Tasman Sea towards the east which joins with the massic Pacific Ocean. This view mesmerizes me every time. Although I did have to do some bush walking to reach here, but isn’t it worth it? Harbour Entrance

And another lone bench 🙂 clicked at Cockatoo Island. Tell me ,tell me if this bench is not telling a story!!! 

There are few more pictures, but since I am participating in Ultimate Blogging Challenge, I thought of posting the others tomorrow.


38 thoughts on “UBC Day 1 – InstaTravel June

  1. These are beautiful photos 🙂 I really like taking pictures of benches as well, they just seem so interesting.

  2. Amazingly beautiful views, especially the last one. Yes, this bench would have a lot of stories to share, some happy people, some sad, some contemplative, some reflecting…

  3. Beautiful clicks Rajlakshmi! The bench especially looks very inviting 🙂
    Loved your concept of writing a post on the most popular pics from your instagram page! Enjoy the UBC 😀

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