UBC Day 4 – Street Artists in Sydney

Ultimate Blogging Challenge – Day 4

I am often amazed by the sheer talent on the streets of Sydney. They could be found anywhere, displaying their works, in full glory.

Initially I was cynical, did this guy really made this absolutely gorgeous painting? Then I saw him working on it, filling the outlines with colors.

The colors and shades are so lively, as if they are looking right through you.

These artists always have few prints of their sketches placed on the side and you are free to take as many of them. Here’s the two, which I had picked from the above artist’s collection. I have placed them nicely in my Journal, like a souvenir.

I was blown away by the below work. The first thing that came to my mind was – no no no this shouldn’t be on ground. Why is it on ground?

The artist has facebook and Instagram account too. You can follow his works online.

And that’s the creator, in his own world. Look at all the set of colors placed in a line.

I support and appreciate them, not just because they are talented, but because they are pursuing their passion.

24 thoughts on “UBC Day 4 – Street Artists in Sydney

  1. it is ridiculous how awesome that is.. and I agree.. Why is this on ground!! Artists of centuries ago have gained more fame for less talented creativity and enterprise than that guy!

    1. true, It's amazing how much talent they have. It needs to be showcased through proper medium. Thanks for writing in.

  2. They are so talented and exquisite, just beautiful. Amazing to see them its their passion that guides them.

  3. Street art has a dynamic of its own I think, and also the one you captured here. Very fascinating:-) Great shots:-)

  4. They are VERY good – and you are right – they should not be on the ground! Popping by from France via UBC 🙂

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