Standing Rock, Bondi Beach

Often during my coastal walks, I encounter intriguing things and structures. One such is a standing rock at Bondi Beach (Sydney). I don’t know if it has a history, maybe it resulted from years of weathering by sea water, but it does look fascinating. Makes me wonder what must have happened, was it natural or did someone place it like this. It reminds me of Butterball at Mahaballipuram, India.

A lone rock, standing tall against the strong waves.

21 thoughts on “Standing Rock, Bondi Beach

  1. Nature's expertise on display. A similar rock is there near my native place in West Bengal but not maintained and marketed well :-(. Seldom any tourist visits there :-(.

    1. There are so many beautiful things in India but not maintained and marketed. It's sad 🙁 Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. That rock looks like it was purposely set there, almost as if it doesn't naturally belong. Cool! ♥

  3. Beautiful indeed… also amazing is the shape! To think that water shapes rocks fascinates me 🙂

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