Friends & Funny Moments

I watch Friends everyday, every single day, same episodes again and again. I just can’t get enough of it. The jokes never get old.
So here’s a compilation of Friends gifs that I found online and how I totally relate to it.

When I tell my husband that I won’t be buying any more nail polish.

When someone suggests shopping!!!

When teammate talks about code fixes during my coffee break 😛.

When someone wears the same dress as mine {gosh.. sigh … can’t breathe}

When I found that my two good friends were dating for the past one year!! 
Those brats kept it hidden from everyone!!

When I showed my parents what I was going to wear to a function at my relative’s place.

So did you ever feel like that?? Share in the comment section 🙂

(The gifs are not mine, they are taken from Google Images and Tumblr)

26 thoughts on “Friends & Funny Moments

  1. Very few sitcoms or serials or for that matter movies come close to our real life and have a situation that we can relate to in our life. Friends is one of them. Versatile and timeless

  2. Hehe… I'm addicted to FRIENDS too! So much so that I keep playing the quiz on Quiz up.. and that's the only game I play! They ar just awesome!

  3. That's so cool. Friends is a great show. Don't know a single person who doesn't like it. Love how you used that to show your scenarios.

  4. haha…I too have atleast one friend's moment every day! And oh yes the hands gesture to denote that bad word ! That too… I watch it everyday too before going off to sleep atleast one episode a day! FRIENDS just never gets old!

  5. Loved these gifs and the captions you have chosen for them are so apt and appropriate! FRIENDS is simply awesome. Love it and yes, it never goes out of fashion! 🙂

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