WTF Wednesdays – Corset & Forked Tongue

I couldn’t get enough of last week’s Bagel Head body transformation, so I did some more Youtube’ing and Googling to find out what other extreme body modifications do people indulge in. By the way, there are many, some are outright gross, few are umm lets say cute, but still they make my skin crawl. Take for example Corset Piercing and Angel Wings.

Here’s a video on Corset Piercing. You can get it on your back, hands or legs. It does look cute, but when you start thinking about the whole process, that’s when it gets creepy. This involves multiple piecing and a string, which is tied such that it looked like a corset lace attached to your body.
So in case you are running out of designer wear or wardrobe has started looking boring, go on, add some pink lace to it 😛

(This is the most decent picture I found online :))

The next one will scare the living daylights out of you. This is recommended only for curious bravehearts. I myself couldn’t watch it till the end. The peace of your dreamland will be shattered for days. But since it is quite interesting, I decided to blog about it.
This extreme body modication is called Tongue Splitting, yes the tongue is cut in the middle to give a forked look. For some bizzare reason there are people who want to resemble the slimy reptilian species.

Now they are the true Slytherins.

All images courtesy Google

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7 thoughts on “WTF Wednesdays – Corset & Forked Tongue

  1. Oh my god! I couldn't watch any of the pictures. I briefly glanced at them and now I am not sure I can have my lunch 😉 Why do people do this to themselves!!

  2. OMG! seriously i got a shudder just by looking at the second pic and my stomach is making frightened flips by imagining the process involved! donno wat is so cool about this! *shudders again*

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