Sunday Smiles – Of Brooch and Pineapples

Yup, I am all smiles today. Life is random, it throws at you moments of utter sorrow and hopelessness and then just like that, throws in days of extreme happiness. 
No, I am not bipolar. Life is 🙂

Rejections are bound to get nasty at times, but we are only humans and life too short. Cry and spoil the pillow as you like, but don’t forget to wake up with the most electric smile.
Ok, enough lecture!! I tend to go overboard with my philosophy. Anyway, seems I haven’t run out of my luck. Last week I won a copy of The Perfect Groom (it was a pleasant read and review will soon be up on my blog) and yesterday I received this beautiful brooch all the way from Greece. 
This is my first ever giveaway win. 

And look at all these stamps. The philatelist in me is smiling 32 all out 😀

I love eating out in South Asian restaurants, but what I wasn’t prepared was for this innovative way of serving Pineapple Fried Rice. Not only it’s a delight to the eyes, the taste buds too enjoyed the sweet and spicy flavor. My husband and I spent more time staring, clicking and admiring the whole presentation than eating.
I celebrated my birthday last month and got the biggest surprise gift ever. My husband gifted me a set of gorgeous Diamond Earrings and Ring. It was unbelievable because he is not the kind who showers too many gifts. I was so surprised that instead of thanking, I just kept staring at the gifts. And he started wondering if I didn’t like it. *rolling eyes* Gah Men can be so dense!!

Well, I like to be busy with Celebrating life. What about you??

** Have you seen the stunning lights of Vivid Sydney, watch them on my travel blog – Oh Snap

33 thoughts on “Sunday Smiles – Of Brooch and Pineapples

  1. The pineapple fried rice does look very attractive. I tried it once, it was yummy. And diamonds? Your husband knows what a girl's best friend is 🙂

  2. Instead of showing the photo of the diamond ring, you show only the box? 😛 That pineapple rice is a good idea, wonder why it has not picked up in India. Maybe I can start a 'Pineapple rice shop' in India 😛

    Destination Infinity

  3. Belated birthday wishes.After getting a set of gorgeous diamond earrings and ring the statement immediately that 'he is not the kind who showers too many gifts.' is a bit inappropriate!!Books,brooch,stamps,and jewelry all good things seem coming your way.Enjoy
    Thanks for visiting reflections.See my story blog

  4. Celebrating bipolar life and dishing out philosophy- you carry them all together :-). Hope good things outweigh the otherwise not-so-good things…I saw you Sydney Opera House pics. They are stunning :-).

  5. many happy returns of the day .. and beautiful gift ..
    congrats on the book giveaway ..

    and yes I have seen the opera house but not at night .. that is one thing i missed doing 🙁


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