Saas-Bahu and the Roti Vexation

*This is a work of fiction*

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Starring – Bahu as Daughter in Law, Saas as Mother in law, Pati/Monnu as husband, various characters as Relatives (Daadi
– grandmother, Mausi – maternal aunt, Bua- paternal aunt)

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It was the time of the year, when along with Pati, our
svelte Bahu was visiting Pati’s ancestral home.  She was recently awarded Star performer by her
Manager for her sharp skills and timely deliverance of the project. But at her
in-laws home, her performance was often rated by the size, shape, texture, elasticity
and timely deliverance of Roti and Sabji.
Now our Bahu has been raised in a family which survives by
eating Rice three times a day. The only occasion when her Mom prepares Roti is
when her health freak Dad decides to go on a diet. So naturally, Bahu’s proficiency
in making round rotis was way below average. But in Pati’s household, Roti was
consumed at an abysmal rate.
This was a fact known to all the relatives of Pati, who
never failed to ask one question that she abhors the most, not to mention the
conversation that follows, which always went something like this.
“Beta Roti bana leti ho (Can you make roti?)”, Saas’s elder
sister would ask, eyeing her Saari.
Ji nahi (Nope)”, Bahu would reply, shaking her head. A
collective gasp would escape from Maami, Daadi, Naani, Bua, Mausi and their
daughters and grand-daughters.
To hamare Monnu ko kiya khilati ho?? (What do you feed our Monnu)”,
Mausi would ask, with her eyes wide open. 
“Cha-wal (Rice).”
Gasp!!Sigh!!Nooo!! an emotional  outbreak would spread among the relatives …
Meek hearted Daadi would almost faint to hear that this raucous female from
some devious Rice-eating land is feeding her adorable grandson Rice.
Lekin Hamara Monnu to chawal nahi khata na (But Our Monnu
doesn’t eat Rice)
”, after gaining her composure, Mausi would ask.
Ji wo abb sab khate hai. Aur agar Roti khani ho to khud
bana lete hai.
” (Now he eats everything, and if he feels like eating Roti, he
makes one himself) 
Bahu would reply with a sly smile.
“What!!”. Maami and Mausi would have a breakdown. Daadi – beating
her chest. Granddaughters would dilligently take notes.
Now this scenario is
not just limited to relatives. Often, random friends of her Pati would test her
cooking skills on the parameters of Roti. So when they relocated to a far off
land, outside India, Bahu finally thought that she has escaped the melodrama of
making Roti, until her new neighbour asked,”Bhabi Roti bana leti ho ”
“Ji nahi”
No problem, my wife
can teach you.”
Why ohh Whyy!!!
Exasperately, Bahu
once asked Pati,”What is this fixation with Roti, it’s not that they are made
of Gold and Silver. Is it written on my face that I can’t make Roti’s”
Pati didn’t look up
from his laptop. This was a trick question. He was in dilemma, whether to “nod
his head
” or reply with a reasonable answer. 
He decided to go with latter and said,
“Then learn how to prepare Roti and put an end to it”.
As soon as Pati
spoke those words, he knew this was a deadly mistake. He looked up to see his
lovely wife was throwing one of her special Goblin look.
That night when he
had to sleep on the couch, he decided that maybe next time he would just nod
his head.
… to be continued.

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** Pati did gained
brownie points in this drama of Rotis, stay tuned to know how. ** All images courtesy Google

42 thoughts on “Saas-Bahu and the Roti Vexation

  1. LOL!! Oh man!! LOL!!

    I never faced that question from any of my in-laws or random relatives. But, I was asked that question here in US by a bunch of nosy ladies!!
    It was such a scandal that I couldn't make "round" rotis!
    *eye roll*
    Such stupid misconceptions and rules!

  2. That is awesome. Waiting for the rest of the story. In reality, this happens (almost to all) when the bride is from South and groom is from North.

  3. Haha.. Lol… I have a similar experience! Though it's not the Pati's household that loves rotis, it is hiw Workplace that demands the same. He is posted in the North and obviously my doors will be knocked at odd hours by his junior officers screaming, Mam, Roti pls!!!" And hailing from the south, rice is our staple food. I hardly know how to make Roti 😛 😛

  4. I sweetly told them I'd bake an atta bread from scratch and he could slice it and eat with dal and sabzi. 😀 Loved this

  5. Poor Pati-dev 😉 I was laughing out loud, Raj! That Roti vexation is one I can identify with since I could never make rotis earlier. I have learnt the art now , though 🙂 That NAHIIIIIN picture of Kirron Kher is the best one!

  6. O the poor pati! This is hillarious, Rajlakshmi 🙂 The Roti-fixation is something unexplainable to non-roti-eating population of India. And I say this as a roti-eating person who most of the times is unable to produce a round roti 🙂 But I say, what difference does it make which shape it is, it all goes in the same place anyway 🙂

  7. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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