Saas-Bahu and Sneaking Roti

With my last three posts on WTF Wednesday, I know I must have creeped half of you. So I gave it a rest yesterday and worked on Saas Bahu Series. Here’s Part two of Saas Bahu and Roti Vexation
Starring – Bahu as Daughter in Law, Saas as Mother in law, Pati as husband.
 Roti is generally an Indian bread, made from stoneground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta flour
Bahu was furiously pacing in the living room while Pati was busy watching next episode of Castle.
“How can you be so calm in this moment of calamity… say something!!”, Bahu was on the verge of exploding out of anxiety.

“Oh c’mon, it’s just Mom and she’s only going to visit us for one day”. Pati knew that no matter what he said at this point, Bahu could not be pacified.

It was indeed a tumultuous time, after all, Saas had suddenly announced that she was on her way from her hometown to visit them in the city, for the first time after marriage. Even though it was for just a day, Bahu knew that in one night her whole existence would be scrutinized in gazillion mini details. And to top it all, her skill in making roti was still abysmal, to say the least.

The toilets were scrubbed clean, clothes folded and arranged in neat columns, kitchen slab was spick and span, but if Bahu failed to provide Roti for dinner, the whole Gulabi Gang of her in-laws would be up against her with cucumbers and tomatoes.

“Why don’t you buy ready-made roti?”. Pati finally provided a solution. Bahu stared at him for a moment and flashed her million dollar smile which made Pati realize that he just scored a thousand brownie points.

On the fateful day, Bahu made elaborate dinner preparations. Daal, Paneer, Potato Curry and Rice (yup that’s the complete profile of Bahu’s cooking skill). And since Roti needs to be served right off the stove, she waited for the grand arrival of Saasuma.

As soon as she arrived, Saas fussed on how weak Pati looked, how humid the city is and why they didn’t have an AC. She then went on to examine the living room and finally settled in the bedroom. In between, Bahu sneaked in few Rotis from the fridge and rushed to the stove to heat them.

Now the thing about ready-made roti is you cannot keep them in normal temperature for long, else they would become sticky. So Bahu had to sneak in one roti at a time.

Thankfully Saas was busy catching up with Pati but sometimes she would walk up to the kitchen (slightly suspicious), only to see Bahu heating Roti like a pro, tilting her head, as if making a Phulka, using a cloth and everything.

Bahu was always on alert, she had powdered the area with flour, the Belan was nicely placed along the stove, and she kept few rotis lying casually here and there, for an authentic Roti Making Ambiance
 She had taken special care to dispose all the polythene packets and labels.

No wonder Saas was pleasantly surprised. When the food was laid, Saas did managed to utter few words of praise, though she kept eyeing the texture of the roti with extreme suspicion. Pati smiled and shook his head. He was happy to find himself no longer in the middle of Roti-match between the two women while Bahu happily munched on.
Mission Accomplished!!
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  1. Ha ha, it is really hilarious. Is'nt it funny that mil's first test is of roti making. You must thank your hubby for suggesting the grand idea. Enjoyed reading this.

  2. Excellent one. Hot phulkas are available in Indian Grocery stores here every morning and evening. I am glad the Pathi thought about it.

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