Love at first punch! – Part II

This was Avinash’s first visit to India in 15 months and he was already longing to go back. The continuous badgering about bride and marriage, both by his parents and relatives, irritated him to no end. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get married and share his life with a lovely wife, but this ridiculous charade of looking at pictures and meeting girls was getting on his nerves.

Secretly, he had always fancied love marriages, the one with lot of drama, where he is supposed to charm the girl and her parents. But unfortunately, love didn’t find its way into Avinash’s life. He envied his best friend’s story, who eloped with his girlfriend to US and then invited their parents for the wedding. That’s a rocking love story. 

“What will I tell my kids”, he would often think,”that I saw your Mom in the living room and fell in love when she served me tea and Samosa. Gah!”

“I don’t like this girl”, he heard his Mom telling his Dad. “Look at her eyes, she has a rebellious streak I am telling you!!
“Just like your son”, his Dad promptly replied.
They were talking about Avani, the girl he picked to meet today.

He had seen Avani’s photo just once and chose her, only because his Mom was forcing him to select the other girl.

“I am thinking of refusing this match Avi, but since the meeting is fixed, you can go for courtesy sake.” 

His mom then went on to examine a pile of photographs laid on the table, the sight of which irked Avinash even more.

His mom believed that a nice cultured girl would make a good bride. Is that what he wanted too? He didn’t know, although, he was pretty interested in meeting the girl who picks Sports-Center as the first meet up point. 

After checking himself in the mirror for the tenth time, he left home and drove towards the mall. He parked his car in the basement, took a deep breath and walked inside.

The place was crowded, with young and old. There were still five minutes left, so he roamed around a little, watching people play.

“Die, die, die, die”, he heard a girl screaming her lungs out and turned to see a young crowd gathered around video game machines, watching a petite girl playing against a dark haired skinny boy.

He walked towards the game-zone, watching her aggressively press buttons on the console. It was then he realized the familiarity of her face.

The fierce expression that she wore was very intimidating, completely unlike the calm demeanour of the face in the picture.

“God no… this couldn’t be her. Mom will never ever like her.” 

to be continued ….

13 thoughts on “Love at first punch! – Part II

  1. Now this is a build up! You will make us wait now until tomorrow? Well written and again such great character development in such a short time

  2. God… you do have the knack of cutting the story short just when one gets sucked into it completely 😉
    Waiting to read more of it 🙂

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