WTF Wednesdays – Of Hooters & Bridenapping

Yesterday I was searching YouTube for interesting videos when I came across  Bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan.

Ala kachuu meaning “grab and run.

Men in rural Kyrgyzstan still believing marrying the old fashioned way – by kidnapping the bride!! To them this is no big deal as they believe the custom comes from an ancient time, which makes this acceptable in their society. The video here shows the whole kidnapping process and the wedding. Once they reach the venue after kidnapping the bride, the elders try to coax the girl in accepting this marriage. The ending leaves me confused as the bride finally accepts, smiles and even tries to impress the elders. I am still trying to understand what exactly she must be thinking or feeling. 

This is just so not right.



I didn’t know what Hooters was. I have heard it being mentioned a couple of times in movie but I never really made an effort to find out. So yesterday when I read about the rape-joke-fiasco by Hooters (which they claimed was done by hackers), I finally decided to Google and understand what the hullabaloo is all about.

From the search result I understood that it’s a sports bar and dining restaurant. Ok, so what’s the big deal. It was then I clicked on Google Images that I realized what Hooters is all about. And let me tell you, they definitely are not famous for their chicken wings.

Way to go woman empowerment!! :S


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33 thoughts on “WTF Wednesdays – Of Hooters & Bridenapping

  1. In India once upon a time marriages were classified into 8 possible types, not all of which were however considered acceptable by the society. One of them was called Rakshasa Vivah in which the bride was forcibly abducted after killing or wounding her family members. Maybe what this video presents here is a continuation of that old practice. Who knows? But it is totally unacceptable in today's day and age.

  2. Yup – "Hooters" is North American slang for breasts. 😛 As for the kidnapping story – that's deplorable and I don't understand how the woman can go along with it, On the other hand, perhaps they don't know any better? Sad!

  3. I thought it only existed during the barbaric times…Beating the woman on the head with a club and taking her mom..Thus making her your wife. This still exists? Goddaaaaamn

  4. Weird ritual.. but i think in todays day and age this might just be for the ritual.. the girl probabaly knows she is marrying the guy and all that ..

    but if it for REAL then its a shame and someone needs to do something maybe the UN or some other big institute


  5. Oh that's so weird! Kidnapping and elders forcing seriously?

    The look on the bride's face is so sad. I wonder what she actually wants to do instead.

  6. This is just so demoralising! Why would she say yes after such a process? The world can be a strange place. I have to thank that we live in a largely civilised world, but the fact that these things still happen makes me doubt that at times.

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