Wallpaper of Memories

Across the wallpaper of memories,
scrawled are little hearts and dreams,
a rag doll hanging by the seams.

Dart board and dried Rosy petals,
take away all The Elder Scrolls,
before the realization befalls.

From the corner I would watch,
dust settle on your unmade bed,
“Mockingjay” remained unread.
If one day, life mourns no more
I would unlock the doors again,
and stroll around the memory lane.

The Elder Scrolls – The Elder Scrolls is a series of action role-playing open world fantasy video games

22 thoughts on “Wallpaper of Memories

  1. Sad and beautiful at the same time…memories aha no one realizes but they are stronger than every weapon and pen in the world…beautiful poem 🙂

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