The Vet Diaries – I

woke up to an irritating scratching noise. Golu, the cat was up early today and
was giving himself a first-class manicure on the wooden cupboard.

washed her face and looked into the mirror to analyze the pumpkin size pimple
right on her nose. It was then she realized that her hair looked different.

she screamed and stormed out of bathroom.

you lazy bum!! your cat gave me a hair cut again. Oh my Razor cut strands!! I
look like a badly shaved Aplaca!! Aishu!!”

responded with a snore, while Golu jumped and made himself comfortable on
Jisha’s warm bed.

in a veterinary hostel is, well, tough.

cook slammed down two miserable Rotis on Jisha’s plate along with a sinister
looking green vegetable. 

you again replace Tobby’s food with mine
?”, Jisha asked. The cook
looked hurt by this blatant accusation.  

see how these young docs accuse me
Jisha hesitantly looked across to see the whole room staring and smiling at
her. The drama had now begun. 

dramatic eyes he looked towards the window. “Could I ever feed this
green thing to my Tobby
? Could I?
Look at him, chomping down the best Buffalo bone in town, I even added a slight
hint of curd and enough Cerelac to add a fruity flavour. You know how much he
loves that

have to tease the Hulk, don’t you!!”, Aishu commented when Jisha came back to
her seat, smiling broadly after securing an extra Roti.

was a typical day in her life. Dressed in a stained Kurta, creased pyjama
and hair tightly knotted in a bun, she walked towards her department. Fashion
wasn’t a top priority in her life, surviving the day was. And she definitely
didn’t want her silk embroidered dupatta to get stuck on an Ox’s pointed horn
while it chases her across the field. 

sun was way beyond the horizon when Jisha entered her room.

The cringed nose of Golu and morbid stare of her
roomie emphasized the fact that her body was emanating an odour of mass

dissected a rotten calf and parasites out of a goat’s intestine”. Jisha
said before she could ask anything.

did you roll into it and squeezed it all over you. Wash up girl wash up.
Dobby’s not gonna mate if she even get’s a hint of that ghastly smell”.

was Aishu’s boyfriend’s Labrador and they shared the responsibility of finding the
perfect mate for Dobby. But most days, Aishu was busy preventing Dobby from chewing up the other side of her bed. 

Love affairs were of a different league in
their college, where spending the weekend meant snuggling with bf’s snake
collection, visiting wild life sanctuaries and giving free vaccination shots to cows.

perfectly knew that with her hand smelling like dead skunk in a trunk, love
would turn around and make a dash for it’s life.

The above story is heavily based on my Vet Doc Sister’s life 😛 I strung together few incidents. Hope I would be able to write more.

33 thoughts on “The Vet Diaries – I

  1. Such an interesting work day…kudos to your sis for working as a vet. I don't think I could do it. I was in tears in the waiting room once when I heard a dog howling from pain…

    By the way, I have yet to catch up on all you A to Z posts…apologies!!! But I will do it…was really enjoying your posts until I lost myself in the challenge… 😛

    1. Yeah it's tough, specially when you have to put down an animal. I remember my brother didn't eat for days after he had to let go of one of the horses.
      No problem, take your time 🙂 thanks for writing in.

  2. I being a doc can completely relate to frustration of standing at a dissection table for human cadavers hrs together, good imagination!

  3. I laughed imagining how golu must have jumped on Jisha's bed! Very interesting to peep into the daily life of a vet. Look forward to more!

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